I am a believer in kaizen (改善) or continuous improvement and technology is at the heart. From a young age I have always aimed to better my understanding of the built environment, and in later years my interest progressed to information systems.

Since fifteen I have self-taught myself the core basics of Windows Server and campus network architecture, which brought me into a whole new dimension of networking technology, notably DNS, DHCP systems, packet routing and network security. I have hands-on experience with the aforementioned technologies, implemented on a bedroom floor. I also have experience with proprietary technologies such as Active Directory and Group Policy.

On the telecoms and hosting side, building on from my work experience, I have shadowed engineers working in cellular, dealing with network elements in the GSM and UMTS systems. I also have a very good understanding of cloud systems and IP transit. I am familiary with data centre dynamics and what makes a good one, based on my five DC visits to various facilities over my previous placements I have also worked on high performance computers such as Durham University’s HPC and seen such systems in person.

At the end of the day, each environment brings new dynamics and I am always ready to learn.