Mid-Week News!

  • I’ve changed my degree from Management and IT (MSc) to Management (MLitt) due to too much repeated content from the ‘IT’ side – I’m looking forward to exploring a new discipline and regarding myself as not just a scientist but also a humanities student
  •  The cottage is getting more homely – there was another period of loneliness last night, probably from not getting out enough…
  • … so I went out twice tonight; first to a CS drinks and then to a Management drinks… met some lovely people who will be my peers for this next year ahead
  • I did some gardening with a friend from M&IT – more planned for Friday with her; gardening buddies are great
  • I’m getting accustomed to some of the “countryside happenings” that one might say is necessary, or alternatively cruel; mole traps all around the estate (to protect the lawn), the shooting of grey squirrels (to protect the red ones), et cetera
  • This website is refreshed! This after being caught out by a lecturer for not having updated it for months on end… it is going to become a lot more active now that I have got it into a format and style that I like and can work with
  • More testing has been happening for the planned VPN launch – I want testing done and the arcza.com website launch ready by the 1st October