I am a native English speaker and my French isn’t half bad.

I am well seasoned in Java when OO and cross-platform support is needed and have extensive¬†PHP¬†experience for web. My final year project on a largely untouched domain in natural language processing is heavily in Python with a full-stack web front- and back-end. I have limited experience in C and C++. I also have some taught experience on Haskell and Prolog for functional and logic programming but they’re not up to my Java expertise. My SQL is proficient and I led the front- to back-end logic development of my Year 2 group project, a medium-sized software engineering task to develop a web app for biological sciences.

In summary:

    1. Java – pretty good
    2. PHP – pretty good
    3. Python – pretty good
    4. SQL – pretty good
    5. JavaScript (and jQuery) Рgood
    6. CSS – good
    7. C/C++ – you’ll catch me on StackOverflow a lot
    8. Haskell – very basic
    9. Prolog – true
    1. English – native
    2. French – certified Advanced proficiency by Duolingo (certificate on LinkedIn; not fluent!)