Cloud Computing

Company Intro

DomiciliumOver the summer of 2014, I had a spring week placement at Domicilium Networks, a large offshore web host and cloud computing provider, and controller of the national .im ccTLD. As a tax efficient economy, the Isle of Man attracts some of the world’s largest online casinos and e-gaming providers. Domicilium is a market leader here, along with Manx Telecom, where I had my first spring week. Domicilium runs the Isle of Man Datacentre and I was here for my time.


Placement Intro

serversI shadowed an engineer in the Network Operations Centre on the day-to-day running of a hosting network, a task where downtime is unacceptable. With walls covered in TV screens and access controllers everywhere, immersion was incredible.

I had the task of posing as a company rep and getting quotations for domain registration APIs for launch on a new company product. This involved ringing up providers across the Atlantic and Continent, researching technical viability and analysing pricing. At the end, I made a technical recommendation to the company based on my research.

That aside, I was given a full-depth technical introduction into DNS and IP security. From the Pakistan Telecom YouTube hijack in 2008 to the reasons for having unboxing rooms to prevent flammables entering the data halls, the tuition was first-rate. I was taught about the principles of BGP and showed the name and shame table – the CIDR Report – of the world’s top hosts who don’t aggregate IP routes. Who’d have known?


Skills gained

  • DNS security
  • IP routing
  • IP transit and best practices
  • Network Operations
  • Data centre design
  • Physical data centre security
  • Support ticket systems