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I'm a postgrad Management student @ the University of St. Andrews, UK, and a qualified computer scientist. I'd also love to work for your company.

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I graduated in 2017 from Durham University with a degree in Computer Science, specialising in NLP - a branch of AI.

My best module was Computer Science into Schools, where I solo taught 34 hours in a large British high school, teaching programming paradigms and computer security to 15-18 year olds through constructivist and VAK approaches.

My favourite (sub)module was computer vision, where I scored one of the highest marks in the school for a driverless car lane detection RANSAC algorithm. However, I still wouldn't want it driving your Tesla.

The steepest learning curve was the formal theory of relational databases. From struggling a lot at the start, I ended the submodule well and have applied my learning to building replicated, high-availability database failover systems.

Prior to Durham, I was Deputy Head Boy at a state school and did my A Levels in Maths, Physics, Economics and General Studies (ABAA*).

December 2017 Exam Results

  • Strategic Management - pass with distinction
  • Marketing: Principles and Practice - pass with merit
  • International Marketing - pass with merit
  • Skills

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    I love cooking, but I'm not a food snob. I'm very interested in politics but you won't get a word from me re my opinions? Company culture is massively important to me. Whether a traditional working environment or a room full of beanbags, either will pass if the culture's right.

    Hobbies and fun stuff

    My main sport is golf. I've done rugby, gymnastics & trampoline and .22 LR rifle. I've been digging dirt and diamonds on Minecraft since the alpha release. Movie-wise, anything with a good plot and at least a 7 on IMDB will pass.

    Work experience and internships

    University College, Durham

    University College has a long tradition of formal dinners; signup is very competitive.

    Working for free, I spent 300 hours developing UCFormal, an elaborate web app to handle signups, schedules, ticketing, invoices, billing, messaging and profiles. The software was a large success and handled £7,000 and 1,500 meals in its first term.

    I also developed UCWelfare - a fast, anonymous messaging system for students to communicate with the welfare team about any issues they may be facing.

    Skills gained: Web app scaling, advanced PHP, database management, UX design, security, stakeholder management

    Natural Environment Research Council

    I wrote software to help chemists automate their submissions of complex jobs to the University supercomputer for molecular dynamics simulations.

    The motivation was that many chemists likely were unfamiliar with Unix environments and a GUI to handle all SSH would save academic time. The chemistry itself was in relation to clay permeability under different solutions for enhanced oil recovery (EOR), in the petrochemistry industry.

    Skills gained: Java swing GUI development, HPC basics, advanced SSH

    Domicilium Networks

    Over a week, I worked on a small research project at a cloud computing data centre, to recommend technical options for a PaaS product the company was developing.

    Alongside the technical work, I factored in cost-benefit analyses and presented ROI considerations to my supervisor, bridging the gap between business and systems, allowing the team to make an executive decision from my work.

    Skills gained: Virtualisation, scaling, APIs, data centre, BGP routing, NOC operations

    Ramsey Crookall

    In my 2014 internship, I spent two months at an LSE-registered stockbroker. My responsibilities ranged from validating the KYC information of customers, examining transactional records in securities, maintaining and managing the files of accounts and administering customer records.

    Towards the end, I had a brief moment to see the "trading floor", a high-energy room covered in TV screens and Bloomberg terminals, where the heart of the business operated.

    The placement was my first formal setting in an office as a 9-to-5 employee, giving me early insight into the professional working world.

    Skills gained: Basic KYC/AML, stock brokering, administration

    Manx Telecom

    Initially rejected for being too young, a short letter to the Chairman proved successful, opening the doors to an engineering experience that I'd never had before.

    Working in the NOC and data centres, my team solved real-life problems in mass telecoms. I ran one maintenance procedure on the 2G Mobile Switching Centres and 3G Media Gateway Controllers (servers routing thousands of live calls/packets), whilst watching engineers solve traffic and routing problems, gaining a concise knowledge of signalling, critical systems control and IP/voice data transport.

    Skills gained: IP transport, GSM, UMTS, SS7 signalling, SMS, billing, trunking, data centre, network planning

    Black Powder (Junior Achievement)

    Under the Junior Achievement programme, my buddy and I opened and ran a registered company (IOM Company Number JAIOM1202) in high school, turning £300 from having just £50 investment.

    Black Powder operated in consumer electronics retail, sourcing consumer goods from Asia. Our company marketed desirable products to a captive high school audience of 400 students. The company was a large success and won the Junior Achievement Young Enterprise competition, "acquiring" one competitor in the process.

    Skills gained: Startups, branding, business development, entrepreneurship


    I'll be finished with my MLitt degree in Management in September 2018.

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